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About Us

The IT market today is fairly commoditized and is more focused on number of digits in a figure than the number of lines in the code. We at Lagom IT solutions aim to deliver the optimum solution which at the same time is scalable, making sure that our clients are satisfied by associating with us and getting into a long term relationship. We shape shift ourselves as per your needs and culture, being the part of your team and not an outsider. We love to make relationships and pamper our clients. It’s all fine with us. Our job is to bring your idea into existence using our development skills, but we can also take care of your ongoing notorious product by providing love and care (support). We know what works because we realise holding hands and moving forward is faster than walking alone.


To power every human in the enterprise with IT so that the human mind can focus on being intrepid to imagine audacious possibilities transforming the human life across the globe.

Empowering the upcoming leaders of the globe with the knowledge and tools that prepares them to lead the globe by being the forefront in society.


To reshape businesses through science and advanced computer tools and uncomplicate operations,easing up and freeing the human from the plodding and dreary work and being focused and perpetrate oneself to achieve greater success.

To provide solutions that are expressly curated and developed for businesses and to build an abiding business bond with each individual, organisation and corporation.

Our Values

Client First

We always put our clients first. Their success is our priority.

Learn and grow

We understand the importance of staying updated with the latest trend in our domain,and hence we encourage continuous learning to ensure the personal and professional growth of our people and our clients and us.

Do fast, learn fast, win fast

We believe in action more than gab. It is our mindset to attempt, to learn and to burnish our skill set while we endeavour each job we lay our hands on.

Everyone is family

We aspire to construct sturdy relationship and culture of collaboration, as we believe more sticks in the bundle more unbreakable they are.
We follow, respect and nudge each other the importance of holding each other accountable